Ab workouts

How to train abs

I'm going to briefly walk you through how to train abs to the fullest extent. Also check out this free ab workout routine that I have been using for the last few months.

How often should you train abs? 

Abs are used to stabalise the torso, so pretty much everytime you exercise an upper body muscle, or do cardio, you will be exercising your abs. For this reason, I would only exercise your abs 3 times a week.

Breathe out

As you contract your abs to perform a crunch breathe out. This allows your abs to contract completely.

Come back down when all the breath from your lungs has gone. At this point your abs are completely contracted, and you are not using your hip flexors.

Exhaust them quickly

Abs recover fast. In order to train your abs efficiently you need to exhaust your abs before giving them time to rest. Theres no poiint spending 30 minutes training abs, just construct a routine that last between 5-10 minutes and trains your abs continuously without stopping.

Train the lower abs first!

When training the lower abs, the upper ab muscles are used. However the opposite is not true. This means that if you train your upper ab muscles before you train your lower ab muscles, you will not be training your lower ab muscles completely.

Start with lower ab workouts, oblique workouts, and then move onto your upper ab workouts

Getting your abs to show

Training your abs effieciently and getting them to show are two completely different things (although the two help each other). Read the page How to get a six pack to find out how to bring your abs out for the world to see