Ab workouts

Free ab workout routine

Feel free to use this free ab workout routine. I have been using it for the last few months with good affects, and the best thing is it only take 5 minutes, so even at the end of a hard workout it doesn't take too much effort to persuade yourself to get on the mat and get it done.

Remember all the numbers in this are scalable. This is what I do at the moment. Feel free to alter it to suit your needs.

Start with 50 reps of the ab bicycle crunch.

Without putting your feet on the ground, cross your legs in the air and proceed to do 25 crunches.

Put your feet on the mat. Rest your right foot on your left knee (imagine a guy in a suit reading a paper). Twist and raise your body so your left elbow touches your right knee.

Do 20 of these for each side.

Lift your legs off the ground and do another 50 reps of the ab bicycle.

It really is a killer :). Try doing half of the reps of whats there at first, but make sure to finish the routine.