Ab workouts

How to get a six pack

Training abs effieciently is very important in getting a six pack, but it doesn't stop there, this page looks into how to get a six pack.

Having a low fat to muscle ratio is important in bringing out your abs. Some lucky people are born with high metabolism, but a lot of us, including myself, aren't that fortunate. However don't worry, I'm going to tell you how to raise your metabolism, lower your body fat, and get that six pack showing.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise increases your metabolic rate meaning more fat is being burnt,

So get yourself on the cross trainer, or treadmill for half an hour each day, go for a short jog or cycle, just get that heart rate up for half an hour to increase your metabolism

A protein based diet 

Yep sorry, if you want the six pack abs your've been dreaming of, you are going to have to diet. This means cut out the high calorie chocolate and cakes and get rid of soda drinks. Replace them with fruit, and water.

Also you are going to need a lot of protein in your diet. I use supplements on top of a healthy diet, and its working great for me in respect to all aspects of physical growth